Living with Birds Spotlight on I Love Robins Tweetapedia

Living with Birds Spotlight on I Love Robins® Tweetapedia


Tailor-made for Britain's favourite bird.

We all love robins. This instantly recognisable garden icon consistently tops polls to name Britain’s favourite bird, and for plenty of good reasons. 
Common to both sexes, its distinctive red breast is complemented by a fearlessly inquisitive demeanour, topped off with a mellifluous voice that’s heard all year round. 

A member of the thrush family, the robin favours a natural diet that’s rich in seeds, fruit and invertebrates. And like other softbills it typically shuns tubular feeders, favouring the ground, a bird table, tray or dish to feed.

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We created I Love Robins® as our tribute to this uniquely popular garden bird. Our intensely rich, calorific signature blend is perfect for year-round feeding in all weathers. It’s complemented by a choice of exquisitely styled hanging feeders that allow robins and other garden species to dine in comfort.

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