Living with Birds Suet Pellet Bird Feeders

Suet Pellet Bird Feeders

They’re always the first port of call for anyone who’s serious about helping British birds. We’ve got the finest choice of suet pellet bird feeders you’ll find anywhere – all beautifully designed to look right at home in any size of garden.

Go for super-tough, no-compromise feeders that are built to deliver the goods for years. Or pick up a colourful, temptingly priced gift that’s great for first-time bird fans and younger wildlife lovers.

Squirrel Buster® Peanutpeanut feeders collection squirrel buster peanut

Automatically shuts off feeder ports when squirrels climb - Patented adjustable spring tensioner to exclude squirrels or larger birds. Unique base design offers ample perching space for nut-loving species like woodpeckers

from £84.99

Bird Lovers™ Peanut Feederbird lovers collection peanut lifestyle

Designed with hygiene in mind - Separates in seconds for easy cleaningm with removable cap and base for thorough washing in hot soapy water.

from £14.99

Ring-Pull Click™ Peanut Feederpeanut feeders collection click peanut

Easiest quality feeder to clean - Latest refinement includes a handy twist-off base.

from £24.99

Ring-Pull Click™ Peanut PLUS Feederring pull click peanut plus collection image

Defends against squirrels and parakeets - Protects from garden visitors that wreck polycarbonate tubes. Stainless-steel tube holds suet pellets or peanuts with twist-off base for quick and easy cleaning.

from £31.99

Ring-Pull™ Peanut Feederpeanut feeders collection ring pull peanut

Specially designed for offering nuts safely and hygienically - Brilliantly easy to clean. Every part is replaceable in moments with no tools needed.

from £12.99

Nuttery Original Compactpeanut feeders collection compact peanut

Favored by tits and other small birds as allows small birds to easily slip in and out. Protects nuts from raiding squirrels.

from £22.99

Nuttery Roundhauspeanut feeders collection roundhaus peanut

Colorful and practical design. The angled roof allows rain to run off keeping birds dry while they dine.

from £36.99

Get Set Go!™ Peanut Feederpeanut feeders collection getsetgo peanut

Great introduction to wild bird care - Choice of four models for seeds, peanuts, niger, and suet.

from £8.99

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