Living with Birds Suet Cakes for Birds

Suet Cakes for Birds

The nutritional challenges are the same for time-pressed birds of every feather. Getting enough to eat is easier when food is readily accessible and packs maximum energy into every beakful. That’s where suet stands supreme, offering more calories per kilo than seeds or insects.

It’s also highly adaptable, lending itself to a wide range of easy to handle options from suet cakes to suet balls and suet pellets.

See the Difference™ Suet Cakes for Birdsnew product pages 4

See the Difference™ Bird Food Cakes contain twice the fat of other leading brands*. This means far more calories - making every feeding trip more rewarding for hungry birds. See our full range of suet cake bird feeders

from £6.99

See the Difference™ Suet Tub Cakes for Birdsstd tub cakes 2
Each Tub Cake includes our clever hanger for easy suspension from a branch or hook. You'll find they're especially welcomed in spring when busy parents are raising a new generation, and throughout winter when temperatures drop and days are short.

from £7.99

Premium Suet Feeder for Suet Cakespremium suet feeder premium suet feeder packaged

Our long-lasting suet cake feeder manages the trick of blending practical design with bold and pleasing looks. The tough steel cage holds up to two regular-sized suet cakes or six fat balls, cutting the need for regular refill trips.

from £19.99

Side Opening Suet Cake Feedersstarling resistant suet feeder single side opening suet feeder

These suet cake feeders feature a convenient side-opening design for quick, easy refills with no messy hands. Durable cage in rust-resistant coated steel gives birds plenty of perching space.

from £5.99

Nuttery Original Suet Cake Feedernuttery oval suet nuttery oval suet

This innovative feeder gives birds easy access to a suet cake or four fat balls that are held securely in the removable cartridge while barring squirrels from joining the feast.

from £22.99

Nuttery Hexihaus Suet Cake Feedernuttery hexihaus suet studio chunky dumplings

The securely locking lid flips open for instant refills, while the sloping roof shelters suet balls, suet cakes and feeding birds from rain. A tough steel outer cage deters squirrels and other large birds.

from £36.99

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