Living with Birds Garden Pole System for Bird Feeders Accessory

Garden Pole System for Bird Feeders

It's all about finding the ideal position. Not everyone has a convenient tree branch for hanging up bird feeders, and a carelessly placed feeder can be a magnet for predators. Our pole mounting system gives complete control over sitting your tubular feeders in the best possible spot.

Garden Pole Extra Sectiongarden pole garden pole extra section
  • Three-section pole in durable painted steel
  • Spike drives into ground for stability
  • Polycarbonate adaptor for easy lifting off
  • Compatible with most of our feeders

from £8.99

Ground Socketground socket ground socket product
  • Simple to remove for grass-cutting and maintenance
  • Use multiple poles in different locations
  • Regularly re-site for variety and better hygiene

from £9.99

Patio Basepatio base patio base product
  • Allows feeders to be placed anywhere in the garden
  • Provides a stable platform for Garden Pole or any 1-inch pole
  • Suitable for use on patios or decking

from £42.99

Wraparound Hook with safety loopwrap around hook wraparound%20 hooks with safety loop
  • Secure safety loop prevents feeder dislodgment by wind or squirrels

from £5.49

Three-Way Feeder Stationthree way feeding station three way feeder station
  • Sturdy 1-inch garden pole with adaptor for most tubular feeders
  • Two wraparound hooks (8 and 16-inch) for additional feeders

from £39.99

Droll Yankees Giant Seed Tray & Squirrel Guardgiant seed tray squirrel guard giant seed tray on garden pole
  • Protects against squirrels and cats
  • Doubles as a supplementary feeding tray
  • Catches spilled seeds

from £49.99

Droll Yankees Universal Coveruniversal cover universal cover product
  • Exceptional rain protection
  • Deters pigeons and large birds
  • Easily adjustable height without damaging the pole

from £16.95

Seed Buster™ Seed Trayseed buster seed buster on pole
  • Ideal for pole-mounted bird feeders
  • Catches seed to reduce ground mess
  • Provides extra feed capacity and perching space
  • Height adjustable and easy to fit
  • Tray sections separate for easy cleaning

from £48.99

Birdfeeder Adaptorgarden pole adaptor garden pole adaptor off pole
  • Allows easy removal of birdfeeders from garden pole for refilling and cleaning
  • Fits Ring-Pull, Flo, all Droll Yankees®, and feeders with 1/2-inch pipe thread in base
  • Suitable for any 1-inch pole

from £3.99

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