Living with Birds Bird Food Storage & Feeder Filling Accessory

Bird Food Storage & Feeder Filling

Our storage solutions help keep bird food fresh, secure from scavengers and freely accessible to you. Filling feeders is a breeze with our handy scoops.

Super Scoop™super scoop 4
  • Ultimate balance of style and functionality
  • Smart design for easy one-handed operation
  • No-spill refills every time
  • Fill from one end and pour from the other

from £11.99

Storage Tubstorage tubs storage tubs product
  • Easy to keep food in top condition
  • Snap on lid for airtight, moisture-resistant storage

from £7.99

Droll Yankees® Seed Scoopseed scoop seed scoop
  • Effortlessly carry food from sack to feeder
  • Fill from one end and pour from the other
  • Balances unaided on flattened base

from £16.99

Flo™ Seed Scoopflo seed scoop flo seed scoop closed
  • Prevents waste with no-spill design
  • Transfers seed from sack to feeder without fuss
  • Colorful and easy to use
  • Seamless refills every time

from £4.99

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