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Flutter Butter® for Birds

Is it the nutty aroma? Or is it the down-to-earth goodness that birds sniff out? Birds love peanut butter – but what’s great on your toast contains too much salt that isn’t good for birds.

Rich, nutritious Flutter Butter® peanut butter gives birds a serious protein boost and is naturally low in salt. ​

Flutter Butter® Starter Packnew product pages 2

Everything you need to start feeding Flutter Butter. Includes the best selling Flutter Butter® bird feeder plus two 140g Flutter Butter® EcoRefills.

from £10.99

Flutter Butter® EcoRefills Bird Foodfb eco 2024 updates 2

Our no-salt peanut butter wild bird food is even more appealing with eco-friendly new Flutter Butter® EcoRefills that push effortlessly into an empty feeder Pod.

from £11.39

Flutter Butter® Feeder for EcoRefillsflutter butter feeders fbf 3

It’s easy to create an instant feeding point. Just slip in an Flutter Butter® EcoRefill and hang from a tree branch or hook using the supplied stainless steel chain. Also suitable for Flutter Butter® Pods.

from £8.99

Flutter Butter® Bird Feederflutter butter feeders fbf 2

Twist, hang, feed: just slip in a Pod or Jar of Flutter Butter® and give birds a nutty protein boost.

from £8.99

Flutter Butter® Podsflutter butter pods orginal triple pods

Offered in handy packs of three, each easy-to-handle Pod twists effortlessly into any of our Flutter Butter® feeders to create an instant feeding point.

from £9.99

Flutter Butter® Jarsflutter butter jars original jar

Simply twist a jar into any of our Flutter Butter® Feeders to provide an instant feeding point.

from £4.99

Flutter Butter® Treehouse Hanging Bird Feederflutter butter feeders treehouse hanging

They're hand-made in treated Pine, with a distinctive pitched roof that protects Pods and feeding birds from rain.

from £12.99

Flutter Butter® Treehouse Duplex Bird Feederflutter butter feeders treehouse duplex

Double your enjoyment with this attractive wooden feeder that takes two Flutter Butter® Pods to attract even more birds.

from £17.99

Flutter Butter® Wall Bird Feederflutter butter feeders wall mount

Make any fence post, wall or shed an instant feeding point. Our new Wall Feeder has everything you need: wall mount with screws, twist-on Pod to hold EcoRefills, and fixing ring.

from £6.99

Flutter Butter® Window Bird Feederflutter butter feeders window feeder

A perfect partner for Flutter Butter® Pods, this feeder’s strong suckers attach instantly to any window.

from £7.99

Flutter Butter® Flowerbed Bird Feedersflutter butter feeders flowerbed
Great for flowerbeds, garden borders and lawns, it's quick and easy to assemble, with a spike that drives straight into the ground.

from £9.99

Your questions answered

Is peanut butter ok for bird feeders?

Yes. Our specifically-designed feeders for Flutter Butter are perfect for feeding your birds. They’re easy to refill and keep clean too.

Flutter Butter® for birds

Birds love peanut butter, which is why Flutter Butter® is the ultimate peanuty treat. Our specially formulated peanut butter for birds is exceptionally low in salt, ensuring it’s completely safe for your garden birds and ideal for year-round feeding. Peanut butter is high calories and protein, helping to keep birds healthy whilst giving them a welcome boost of energy when they most need it.

With a rich, nutty aroma, and down-to-earth goodness that garden birds sniff out, you will find them flocking to your feeder for this nourishing mealtime favourite. Flutter Butter® combines rendered beef suet with peanut pieces and cereal grains, our peanut butter for birds is available in three flavours - Original, Buggy (with insects and mealworms), or Fruity (with added berries).

Flutter Butter® peanut butter for birds comes in handy ecorefills, pods, or jars - offering a whole new way to feed garden birds. It’s so easy - refills are effortless and only take a moment. Simply push a fresh jar or ecorefil into the empty feeder pod of your Flutter Butter® feeder, and watch blue tits, nutchatches, robins and even woodpeckers form an orderly queue. Quick and convenient, our no-salt peanut butter gives birds a clean, fresh start every time with no messy hands or spilled food. Making it a popular choice for birds and customers alike.

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