Living with Birds Cleaning & Hygiene for Bird Feeders Accessory

Cleaning & Hygiene for Bird Feeders

Unwashed feeders and mouldy food can cause diseases like trichomoniasis to spread among wild birds with alarming speed. Cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore with our highly effective hygiene solutions.

Birdfeeder Cleaning Brushcleaning brush cleaning brush
  • Perfect for tubular feeders
  • Cleans thoroughly without scratching
  • Rust-proof stainless-steel stem

from £5.99

Tamodine-E 250ml concentratetamodine e tamodine bottled
  • Ideal for occasional intensive cleaning
  • Extremely low toxicity
  • Perfect for birdfeeders and tables
  • 250ml concentrate

from £10.99

Ark-Klensark klens ark klens bottled
  • Highly effective for feeders and bird tables
  • Non-toxic and non-staining
  • Simply spray on, leave for a minute, and clean with a kitchen towel

from £6.99

Feeder Fresh™ 250gfeeder fresh feeder fresh bottles
  • Ensures cleaner feeders and healthier birds
  • Combats harmful moulds on damp birdseed
  • Reduces need for frequent cleaning
  • Prevents wastage of moisture-damaged seed

from £11.99

CitroSancitro san citrosan bottle
  • Completely natural sanitizer
  • Made from orange extract
  • Reduces disease spread between wild birds

from £7.99

Ice Freeice free ice free bottle
  • Prepared from plant extracts
  • Contains no glycerol or glycols
  • Safe for birds and wildlife
  • Protects birds' metabolism and plumage

from £7.99

WindowAlert™window alert window alert packaged
  • Available in two attractive shape options
  • Clings by natural static attraction to any glass surface
  • Reflects ultraviolet light, creating a bright warning for birds

from £10.99

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