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Suet Grains™ Bird Food

High energy wild bird food, blended with insects

There's nothing to match suet for its sheer energy value. Suet Grains™ are a convenient way to offer this year-round favourite. 

Scatter them on a bird table or loose on the ground, offer them straight or mixed with peanuts in a mesh-style bird feeder, or blend them with bird seed in tubular bird feeders.

Mixed with seeds or blends, they're a great way of delivering an extra energy boost when it's mosy appreciated. 

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Why choose me?

    • Can be offered straight or blended with other bird foods.
    • A great way to encourage more species into your garden

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Suet Grains™ Bird Food

suet grains suet pellet bird food great tit

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Your questions answered

Are suet pellets okay for hedgehogs?

No, it is not recommended to feed suet pellets to hedgehogs due to their high fat content. Hedgehogs are primarily insectivores, foraging for beetles, worms, slugs, and caterpillars. In the wild, they maintain a varied diet, making them vulnerable to health problems if fed foods that do not meet their nutritional needs.

Can fresh suet be stored at room temperature?

Fresh suet should not be stored at room temperature for extended periods. Because it is animal fat, it can spoil if not kept cool. Suet should be stored in the refrigerator to keep it firm and prevent it from going rancid. You can also freeze it if you need to keep it for a long time. This helps maintain its quality and safety for future use.

What happens to fresh suet at room temperature?

At room temperature, fresh suet starts to soften because it is a type of animal fat. Suet is typically firm and crumbly when cold, but as it warms up, it can become greasy and lose its structure. This is because the melting point of suet is higher than room temperature, but not by much, so it begins to break down and change texture as it warms.

  • Original Insect - Our original flavour, high energy pellets can be offered straight or blended with other birdfoods.


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