Living with Birds Specialised Protection Accessory

Specialised Protection

Cats and foxes are a real threat to garden bird populations.

Safe, humane and effective, FoxWatch help turn your garden into a fox-free zone. Meanwhile, the cat deterrent protects nesting birds from tree-climbing cats with this spiked belt that circles the trunk.

Peregrine Silhouettesperegrine silhouettes peregrine silhouettes packs
  • Self-adhesive silhouettes
  • Warn birds away from windows

from £7.39

Cat Deterrentcat deterrent cat deterrent on tree
  • Protects nesting birds from tree-climbing cats
  • Easily adapts for different tree circumferences

from £22.99

FOXWatch Electronic Deterrentfoxwatch fox watch product
  • Turn your garden into a dog and fox-free zone
  • Battery operated and totally safe with humans and other garden wildlife

from £54.95

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