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Chunky Dumplings™ Fat Balls

Premium suet balls for wild birds

More fat means more wild birds. Weigh up Chunky Dumplings™ against other dry, dusty fat balls that are padded out with penny-pinching fillers like sand and even glue.

Chunky Dumplings may not be the cheapest fat balls, but contain premium ingredients that make them high in energy. Our fat balls don't have any nonsense ingredients, just wholesome and natural ones that birds love. This includes pure beef fat, sunflower seeds, cereal flakes, peanut pieces, and mineral-rich oyster shell grit.

chunky dumpling fat balls for birds

Chalk & Cheese

Independent lab tests confirm that Chunky Dumplings™ offer significantly higher fat levels than other leading suet balls. Delivering a potent energy boost, they're a great way to help birds bulk up.

For allergen advice, see below.

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Why choose me?

  • Very high fat levels, ideal for year-round feeding
  • Choice of 100g or 85g sizes

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Your questions answered

Are suet balls good for birds?

Yes, fat balls like Chunky Dumplings™ are a good source of energy for wild birds. Containing more fat, and therefore more calories, they’re a great option for year-round feeding.

We make our Chunky Dumpling™ fat balls with pure beef fat, peanut pieces, sunflower seeds, and mineral-rich oyster shell grit. These ingredients provide a great source of protein for birds and their young.

They are a fantastic source of protein for birds and their young. Blue tits, coal tits, long-tailed tits, and great spotted woodpeckers are all attracted to them.

What are suet balls made of?

Chunky Dumpling™ suet balls contain pure beef fat. They also contain high-quality natural ingredients such as sunflower seeds, peanut pieces, and mineral-rich oyster shell grit.

These suet balls have more fat than other brands. This gives birds a nutritious energy boost. It helps them replenish their fat reserves.

Can fat balls go off?

Fat balls have a shelf life, but birds usually eat them before they go bad. Chunky Dumpling™ suet balls have a shelf life of 12 months.

Storing them correctly in a cool, dry place, preferably in an air-tight container will also keep them fresher for longer. Because our fat balls have a lot of fat, it's best not to put it out in hot weather. The fat balls might melt or go bad.

In the summer, move bird feeders to shady spots in the garden. Replace the feeders often and check the seed levels regularly.

How to hang suet balls for birds?

Lots of great ways to offer suet balls safely to birds, the best way is by using specialised suet feeders. Hang the suet ball feeder in a garden where birds can easily reach it and have a clear view. This will keep them safe from predators. Somewhere sheltered from the wind, and out of direct sunlight is preferable.

Choosing a suitable fat ball bird feeder. The Premium Suet Feeder and the Bird Lovers™ Suet Ball Feeder are two good choices of fat ball feeder. They both have strong metal cages that can hold up to 6 fat balls. They designed them with hygiene in mind so you can easily disassemble and wash them, keeping your feeders clean and your birds healthy. Have you got squirrels in your garden? Choose from one of our squirrel proof fat ball feeders here.

Can hedgehogs eat suet balls?

Fat balls aren't suitable for hedgehogs as they often have health issues and can gain weight easily. Experts do not recommend feeding them suet because it contains high levels of fat and calories. Hedgehogs have particular dietary needs and sensitive digestive systems. In the wild, they eat a variety of insects, fallen fruit, bird eggs, and sometimes small animals to stay healthy. Vale's Hedgehog Biscuits are specially designed to meet the dietary needs of hedgehogs. They are made with all-natural ingredients that are rich in protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. An ideal supplement to a hedgehog’s natural diet.

  • Contains allergens: cereals containing gluten (wheat and oats), peanuts.


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