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Vale's™ Hedgehog Food

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Used at Vale Wildlife Hospital

Our new food is used daily at Vale Wildlife Hospital, one of the UK’s largest rescues. Each year they care for 2,000 hedgehogs, helping them gain weight and health before releasing them back into the wild.

It’s made with plenty of meat and fibre, and selected vitamins and minerals – just what hedgehogs need.

Hedgehogs are natural scavengers that eat almost everything they find. Unlike many kitten foods and other pet foods, Vale’s Hedgehog Food is made with lower protein and fat and higher fibre content. This makes it closer to the varied diet hedgehogs find in the wild.

These are small biscuits, easy to store, with a crunchy texture that helps reduce tartar build-up often seen in hedgehogs. Offer a small handful in a shallow dish with fresh water alongside.

Enjoy the nightly sight of hedgehogs in your garden while giving them a little help on their way.

Read more about Vale Wildlife Hospital at

what to feed hedgehogs in your garden

Read the latest advice from Vale Wildlife about what to feed hedgehogs in your garden

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Why choose me?

  • Safe and suitable with a crunchy texture that's good for teeth
  • Created specially for hedgehogs with a Calcium/Phosphorus ratio of 2:1

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Your questions answered

How much food do you feed a hedgehog?

Put out no more than 60g of food per night.

Will cats eat it?

Yes, cats will eat Vale's Hedgehog Food. it's specially formulated for hedgehogs, but it won't cause any harm for cats.

What food do hedgehogs eat?

The natural diet of a hedgehog is mostly bugs, including earthworms, beetles and caterpillars. This makes them mainly insectivores, but scientists are actually unsure about how to officially class these mammals.

What foods can’t hedgehogs eat?

There are also several foods that you must never give to hedgehogs, such as milk or cheese (hedgehogs are lactose intolerant), raw meat or eggs, raisins or grapes (these are poisonous to lots of animals) and chocolate or junk food. All of these are harmful to hedgehogs, but are often offered by well-meaning people. Hedgehogs also should not be given bread. While it isn't dangerous, it won’t provide them with any nutrition.

Calcium/Phosphorous Ratio: 2:1.

Ingredients: Poultry meal (min. 24% chicken), wheat, maize, meat meal, barley, soya hulls, hypro soya, chicken fat, chicken gravy, fish meal, dried brewer’s yeast, chicken liver meal, yucca extract.

Analytical Constituents: Crude Protein: 32%, Crude Oils & Fats: 14%, Crude Fibre: 4.8%, Crude Ash: 8%.


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