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NutBox™ Squirrel Feeder

Tempt squirrels away from birdfeeders

They’re marmite mammals. Love them or hate them, squirrels are a permanent fixture in many gardens. This specially designed feeder tempts squirrels away, ensuring your investment in quality food isn’t squandered. Canny squirrels quickly learn to lift the lid and access their own supply of peanuts that’s on show behind the clear perspex screen.

You can even get them started by propping the lid open with a stick. Built to last in sustainable timber from managed woodlands – needs no paint or preservatives.

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Why choose me?

    • Designed to tempt squirrels away from birdfeeders
    • Ensure your investment in quality food isn't squandered

Your questions answered

How can a squirrel feeding station help in observing wildlife?

A squirrel feeding station can be an excellent way to observe wildlife in your backyard. You can attract squirrels and other small animals by setting up a designated spot with food like nuts and seeds. This allows you to watch their behaviours and interactions up close. It's important to place the feeding station away from bird feeders to keep the squirrels from eating all the bird food and to give birds and squirrels their own space.

How can using a squirrel feeder help keep squirrels away from your bird feeders?

Using a squirrel feeder can protect your bird feeders by giving squirrels their own food source. Place the squirrel feeder in a different part of your garden, away from the bird feeders. Fill it with foods that squirrels love, like nuts, corn, and sunflower seeds. This way, squirrels have their own feeding spot and are less likely to bother your bird feeders.

Where should I place my squirrel feeder?

For the best results, mount your NutBox™ squirrel feeder in a quiet part of your garden, away from bird feeders and busy walkways. Pick an easily reachable spot, like close to trees or a fence. Ensure the feeder is at least 5 feet off the ground to keep other animals from reaching it. This way, you attract squirrels while keeping them away from bird feeders, helping to keep your garden peaceful.

What is the NutBox™ made out of?

The NutBox is made from sustainably sourced timber. Its design is durable and does not require paint or preservatives. The front of the feeder features a clear perspex screen so squirrels can see the food inside, encouraging them to access the food by lifting the hinged lid.


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