Living with Birds Peanuts


An abundant source of protein, fats and carbohydrate, peanuts take some beating. Offer them whole, or pick our peck-sized granules that make a great mixer and are easier for small birds to manage. Every batch is stringently tested to ensure they're free from harmful aflatoxins.

Premium Safe Peanutsessential jars collection pn
  • Easy to feed and offer high energy
  • Nutritious, popular and highly versatile

from £18.60

Peanut Granulesessential jars collection pg
  • Great mixed with other birdfoods to boost energy
  • A rich source of oil and protein

from £17.50

Squirrel Foodsquirrel food chestnuts walnuts seed pile
  • The ideal complement to our Squirrel Feeder
  • The ultimate way to lure squirrels away from birdfeeders

from £7.49

Squirrel Buster® Peanutpeanut feeders collection squirrel buster peanut
  • Automatically shuts off feeder ports when squirrels climb
  • Patented adjustable spring tensioner to exclude squirrels or larger birds
  • Unique base design offers ample perching space for nut-loving species like woodpeckers

from £74.99

Bird Lovers™ Peanut Feederbird lovers collection peanut lifestyle
  • Designed with hygiene in mind
  • Separates in seconds for easy cleaning
  • Removable cap and base for thorough washing in hot soapy water

from £13.99

Ring-Pull Click™ Peanut Feederpeanut feeders collection click peanut
  • Easiest quality feeder to clean
  • Latest refinement includes a handy twist-off base

from £23.99

Ring-Pull Click™ Peanut PLUS Feederring pull click peanut plus collection image
  • Defends against squirrels and parakeets
  • Stainless-steel tube holds suet pellets or peanuts
  • Protects from garden visitors that wreck polycarbonate tubes
  • Twist-off base for quick and easy cleaning

from £29.99

Ring-Pull™ Peanut Feederpeanut feeders collection ring pull peanut
  • Specially designed for offering nuts safely and hygienically
  • Brilliantly easy to clean
  • Every part is replaceable in moments with no tools needed

from £11.99

Nuttery Original Compactpeanut feeders collection compact peanut
  • Favored by tits and other small birds
  • Allows small birds to easily slip in and out
  • Protects nuts from raiding squirrels

from £22.99

Nuttery Roundhauspeanut feeders collection roundhaus peanut
  • Colorful and practical design
  • Angled roof allows rain to run off
  • Keeps birds dry while they dine

from £36.99

Get Set Go!™ Peanut Feederpeanut feeders collection getsetgo peanut
  • Great introduction to wild bird care
  • Choice of four models for seeds, peanuts, niger, and suet

from £8.99

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