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Peanut Butter for Birds

Is it the nutty aroma? Or is it the down-to-earth goodness that birds sniff out? Birds love peanut butter – but what’s great on your toast contains too much salt that isn’t good for birds. Rich, nutritious Flutter Butter® peanut butter gives birds a serious protein boost and is naturally low in salt. ​

Flutter Butter® Starter Packflutter butter starter pack refill starter pack set

Everything you need to start feeding Flutter Butter. Includes the best selling Flutter Butter® bird feeder plus three 140g Flutter Butter® EcoRefills.

from £12.99

Flutter Butter® EcoRefills Bird Foodfb eco 2024 updates 2

Our no-salt peanut butter wild bird food is even more appealing with eco-friendly new Flutter Butter EcoRefills that push effortlessly into an empty feeder Pod.

from £11.39

Flutter Butter® Ready-Filled Bird Feederflutter butter feeders fbf 3

Get started with Flutter Butter with our brand new ready- loaded feeder. Includes an EcoRefill. Simply remove the seal and hang in place.

from £6.99

Flutter Butter® Bird Feederflutter butter feeders fbf 2

Twist, hang, feed: just slip in a Pod or Jar of Flutter Butter® and give birds a nutty protein boost.

from £8.99

Flutter Butter® Podsflutter butter pods orginal triple pods

Offered in handy packs of three, each easy-to-handle Pod twists effortlessly into any of our Flutter Butter® feeders to create an instant feeding point.

from £9.99

Flutter Butter® Jarsflutter butter jars original jar

Simply twist a jar into any of our Flutter Butter® Feeders to provide an instant feeding point.

from £4.99

Flutter Butter® Treehouse Hanging Bird Feederflutter butter feeders treehouse hanging

They're hand-made in treated Pine, with a distinctive pitched roof that protects Pods and feeding birds from rain.

from £12.99

Flutter Butter® Treehouse Duplex Bird Feederflutter butter feeders treehouse duplex

Double your enjoyment with this attractive wooden feeder that takes two Flutter Butter® Pods to attract even more birds, compared to the single Treehouse Hanging Bird Feeder.

from £17.99

Flutter Butter® Wall Bird Feederflutter butter feeders wall mount

Make any fence post, wall or shed an instant feeding point. Our new Wall Feeder has everything you need: wall mount with screws, twist-on Pod to hold EcoRefills, and fixing ring.

from £6.99

Flutter Butter® Window Bird Feederflutter butter feeders window feeder

A perfect partner for Flutter Butter® Pods, this feeder’s strong suckers attach instantly to any window.

from £7.99

Flutter Butter® Flowerbed Bird Feedersflutter butter feeders flowerbed

Great for flowerbeds, garden borders and lawns, it's quick and easy to assemble, with a spike that drives straight into the ground. These vibrant feeders support EcoRefills and Pod options.

from £9.99

Your questions answered

Is peanut butter ok for bird feeders?

Yes. Our specifically-designed feeders for Flutter Butter are perfect for feeding your birds. They’re easy to refill and keep clean too.

Peanut butter for birds

Birds love peanut butter, which is why Flutter Butter® is the ultimate peanuty treat. Our specially formulated peanut butter for birds is exceptionally low in salt, ensuring it’s completely safe for your garden birds and ideal for year-round feeding. Peanut butter is high calories and protein, helping to keep birds healthy whilst giving them a welcome boost of energy when they most need it.

With a rich, nutty aroma, and down-to-earth goodness that garden birds sniff out, you will find them flocking to your feeder for this nourishing mealtime favourite. Flutter Butter® combines rendered beef suet with peanut pieces and cereal grains, our peanut butter for birds is available in three flavours - Original, Buggy (with insects and mealworms), or Fruity (with added berries).

Flutter Butter® peanut butter for birds comes in handy ecorefills, pods, or jars - offering a whole new way to feed garden birds. It’s so easy - refills are effortless and only take a moment. Simply push a fresh jar or ecorefil into the empty feeder pod of your Flutter Butter® feeder, and watch blue tits, nutchatches, robins and even woodpeckers form an orderly queue. Quick and convenient, our no-salt peanut butter gives birds a clean, fresh start every time with no messy hands or spilled food. Making it a popular choice for birds and customers alike.

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