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Bird Seed Feeders

They’re always the first port of call for anyone who’s serious about helping British birds. We’ve got the finest choice of seed feeders you’ll find anywhere – all beautifully designed to look right at home in any size of garden.

Go for super-tough, no-compromise feeders that are built to deliver the goods for years. Or pick up a colourful, temptingly priced gift that’s great for first-time bird fans and younger wildlife lovers.

Flo™ Seed Feedertubular feeders collection flo seed

Colorful wide tube holds more food and encourages seed flow with large, specially shaped perches for comfortable feeding. Easy to disassemble for cleaning helps keep feeder healthy and hygienic for birds

from £13.99

Flo Lifetime™ Seed Feedertubular feeders collection flo lifetime

Wide-tubed feeder with chunky all-metal fittings to maintain good looks longer than plastic feeders. Offering protection against squirrels that can wreck plastic feeders.

from £34.99

Flo Festival™ Seed Feedertubular feeders collection flo festival

Extra-wide tube with individually mounted seed ports to prevent clogging, ensuring effortless food flow. Ports positioned in lower half for effective seed reserve reducing the need for frequent refills.

from £44.99

The Squirrel Buster®seed feeders collection 1057

Designed for offering seeds and blends allowing birds to feed freely while excluding squirrels with an adjustable mechanism to exclude larger birds like pigeons.

from £44.99

Squirrel Buster® Evolution seed feeders collection SB Evo

Latest chapter in the Squirrel Buster® series - onspired by the DNA of its predecessors. Unique design touches with no-mesh styling to look attractive look for any garden.

from £44.99

Squirrel Buster® Miniseed feeders collection Mini

Perfectly sized for smaller gardens. The weight of squirrels blocks access to feeder ports. This patented Seed Tube Ventilation System keeps seed and blends fresh. With four feeding ports at base.

from £35.99

Squirrel Buster® Plusseed feeders collection Plus

Ideal for seeds and blends. Aims to reduce the need for frequent refills. Fit with adjustable length perches and easy-grip textured coating for stable, comfortable feeding.

from £129.99

Squirrel Buster® Classicseed feeders collection Classic

Almost double the capacity of Squirrel Buster® Mini with four dual-level feeding ports for excellent access. Still uses patented technology to stop squirrels and allows birds to feed freely.

from £64.99

Squirrel Buster® Finchniger feeders buster finch

Patented technology stops marauding mammals by the weight of squirrels blocks access to feeder ports - Allows birds to feed freely.

from £64.99

Ring-Pull Click™ Seed Feederseed feeders collection ring pull click

Easiest quality feeder to clean with handy twist-off base and rugged metal seed ports that click off instantly.

from £25.99

Ring-Pull™ Seed Feederseed feeders collection ring pull

Easiest feeder to clean with twist-off base and pull the pin for quick disassembly - Every part comes apart in seconds. Unique design unmatched by other feeders.

from £12.99

BigEasy™ Seed Feedertubular feeders collection bigeasy

Tough and generously sized to reduce the need for frequent refills. Whilst also easy to clean.

from £39.99

Bird Lovers™ Seed Feederbird lovers collection niger lifestyle

Designed with hygiene in mind as separates in seconds for thorough washing - Unclip ports, remove cap and base for cleaning in hot soapy water.



from £10.99

Nuttery Original CompactThe Nuttery Compact Seed feeder 1

For sunflower seeds and seed mixes - Clear polycarbonate tube with two feeding ports to allow birds to feed easily. Also, protects seed from raiding squirrels.

from £22.99

Nuttery Roundhausseed feeders collection rounhaus

Colorful and practical design with angled roof keeps birds dry while feeding. Flip-open locking lid for easy refills and feeder tube lifts free of tough steel outer cage for cleaning.

from £36.99

Little Lantern™seed feeders collection little lantern

Attracts small clinging birds but unappealing to bigger species like starlings and pigeons. These B=bigger birds find it awkward to hold on and quickly leave.

from £9.99

My Favourites™ seed feeders collection myfavourites

Designed to attract smaller birds so ideal for species like tits, wrens, sparrows, and finches. As it provides a clinging feeding experience.

from £19.99

AutoFeeder™seed feeders collection autofeeder

Controls feeding amount and frequency, by setting the timer to dispense food up to four times a day. This reduces the need for regular refill trips. In addtion to the generously-sized 3.75-liter hopper for seeds or blends.

from £199.99

Hanging Hopper Feederseed feeders collection hanging hopper

Holds 2kg of seed for a plentiful winter food supply reducing the need for frequent top-up trips. Hinged timber roof for easy filling - Includes rope for hanging from a tree branch or hook. With wooden platforms on both sides provide ample perching space.

from £44.99

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