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"You Need to Know" Guides

Guides to the wildlife of Britain & Ireland

These laminated fold-out guides make wonderful companions for walking trips or days out. Accurately illustrated with essential information, and categorised for quick reference, they're a wonderful gift idea any time of year. Choose from four titles.

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Wild Animals: Here's a colourful introduction to 72 wild mammals, amphibians and reptiles found in the British Isles that you really need to know about.

150 Birds: So many birds, so little time. The British Isles hosts a dazzling kaleidoscope of birdlife - but few of us have the time or chance to see more than a handful.

100 Wild Flowers:
You'll find a varied selection of our most fascinating flowers, all finely illustrated with information on type, habitat and abundance.

90 Trees & Shrubs:
Alongside age-old natives you’ll find some of Britain’s rarer species and recent introductions, all accurately illustrated with information on habitat, abundance, fruit and flowers.

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