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Schwegler Woodcrete Nest Boxes

Imagine the warmth and breathability of wood – in an everlasting material that’s easily moulded and shaped.

Developed by European experts Schwegler, WoodcretePLUS™ is a precisely controlled blend of over 70% real wood fibres plus clay and cement. The mixture’s compressed and cured at high temperatures, creating a virtually indestructible compound that lasts for decades.

Unlike cold concrete or clammy plastic, WoodcretePLUS™ breathes naturally to prevent condensation build-up – helping keep the box interior dry and airy all year round.

The Schwegler 1B Nest Boxthe 1b recoloured
  • In production for almost 50 years, the Schwegler 1B is the top choice of conservation professionals
  • With over 8 million sold, it is the world’s most popular and respected nestbox

from £42.99

Avianex Nest Boxavianex studio
  • Valued nesting sites for species like sparrows, tits, nuthatches, and redstarts
  • Widely chosen by architects and house builders, this distinctive box integrates beautifully with old-style and new properties alike

from £69.99

Avianex™ OpenFront Nest Boxavianex open front avianex open front product
  • Avianex™ open-fronted nest box you create an optimum roost on a building (house, garage, shed)
  • It is easy to clean due to the removable front panel
  • The special front panel insert provides protection against nest robbers

from £69.99

2H Open-Fronted Nest Box2h robin box 2h robin box
  • Encourages robins to nest inside sheds, stables, and barns
  • Ensure access through a window or opening
  • Use outside, hidden within ivy, honeysuckle, or other climbing plants

from £39.99

2HW Open-Fronted Nest Box2hw open fronted nestbox on wall
  • Readily occupied even in dark locations
  • Without extra area, suitable for Dippers and Grey Wagtails under bridges and in culverts

from £55.99

1N Deep Nest Box1n nest box 1n nest box
  • Preferred by birds nesting deep in recesses
  • Two holes for ample light
  • Double compartment to protect from predators

from £55.99

Roundhouse Nest Boxroundhouse roundhouse side
  • Favored by wrens for its round, enclosed design
  • Lined with moss, feathers, and fur

from £59.99

2F Bat Box2f bat box 2f bat box side
  • Textured spherical interior roof allows optimal hanging for bats
  • Convertible to a Type 2M nest box by replacing the front panel

from £51.99

1FF Bat Box1ff bat box 1ff bat box closeup
  • Designed specifically for buildings
  • Spacious enough for colonial bats to use as a roost or nursery

from £119.99

No.28 Kestrel Nest Boxno 28 kestrel no 28 kestrel with bird
  • Made of highly effective, weather-resistant WoodcretePLUS
  • Effective for decades
  • Easily and flexibly attachable to almost any surface with supplied strap
  • Compatible with screw-in hooks, cable ties, clamps, etc.

from £196.99

No.4 Owl Nest Boxowl box no 4 owl box no 4 on tree
  • Front panel removable for inspection and cleaning
  • Includes nest box, hanger, mounting block, aluminum nails

from £112.99

No.5 Owl Nest Boxowl box no 5 owl box no 5 on tree
  • Front panel removable for inspection and cleaning
  • Includes nest box, hanger, mounting block, aluminum nails

from £112.99

No.23 Barn Owl & Kestrel Nest Boxbarn owl and kestrel 23 barn owl and kestrel no 23
  • Ideal for installation on interior walls of barns
  • Requires only a small exterior opening for entrance

from £269.99

9A-1 House Martin Nestsingle and double house martin nests single house martin nest
  • Easily fixed under eaves
  • Weatherproof WoodcretePLUS™ nest bowl
  • Exterior grade chipboard backing board prevents warping

from £35.99

9B House Martin Nesthouse martin nest no 9b 9b nest studio
  • Breathable Woodcrete nesting bowls with multiplex bracket
  • Entry points located towards the front
  • Easy to remove and push in bowls with metal clip holders

from £49.99

No.11 House Martin Terracehouse martin terrace house martin terrace no 11
  • Prevents droppings nuisance around windows and doors
  • Quick and easy installation with 2 screw holes
  • Mount below the House Martin Terrace to catch droppings

from £124.99

1SP Sparrow Terracesparrow terrace grey terrace
  • Made from WoodcretePLUS by Schwegler
  • Provides insulated accommodation for three families

from £124.99

3S Starling Nest Box3s starling box 3s starling box on tree
  • Ideal home for starlings, suitable for their size
  • Can be hung from walls, fences, or larger trees

from £52.99

3SV Nest Box3sv starling 34mm hole
  • Deeper entrance hole provides protection from cats and martens
  • Highly effective design
  • Visible brood chamber for easy inspection and cleaning

from £55.99

Swallow Nestswallow nest swallow nest product
  • Ideal for swallows during dry spring weather
  • Durable boxes resemble natural nests

from £26.99

No.10B Barn Swallow Nest 10b swallow
  • Ideal for stables, barns, warehouses, archways, and garages
  • Ensure constant access during breeding periods (open window, ventilation pipe, or stable door)

from £24.99

Hedgehog Domehedgehog dome hedgehog dome product
  • Made in WoodcretePLUS, it provides ideal insulation and is exceptionally long-lasting.
  • Backed by a 25 year guarantee

from £154.99

2M Nest Box2m nestbox 2m cut out
  • Hangs from a branch by a stainless-steel loop
  • Protects occupants from cats and squirrels
  • Ideal for great tits, blue tits, marsh tits, coal tits, redstarts, nuthatch, pied flycatcher, house sparrow, and tree sparrow

from £44.99

2GR Nest Box2gr nestbox three oval holes
  • Unusual design offers added protection from cats, magpies, jays, and martins
  • Ideal for small tits
  • Three 27mm holes provide extra light and encourage safe nest building at the back

from £51.99

No.17 Swift Nest Boxswift box no 17 swift box
  • Made from compressed plant fibers and concrete for good insulation and long life
  • Bracket allows fixing from above or behind
  • Removable entrance hole for easy inspection and cleaning

from £87.99

No.16 Swift Nest Boxno 16 single chamber single chamber product
  • Modern design mimics a bell-tower louvre
  • Can be installed on a wall using the optional Fixing Bracket
  • Can also be installed within the wall

from £99.99

No.18 Swift Nest Boxno 18 swif no 18 swift box product
  • Designed for fixing beneath eaves
  • Woodcrete nest chamber
  • Exterior grade chipboard backing board, ready for painting to match the building

from £97.99

No.1A Lightweight Swift Boxlightweight Swift box box 1a product
  • Ideal for heat insulation systems on external walls
  • Ring-shaped entrance allows flush installation with wall surface
  • Only the entrance remains visible

from £69.99

5KL Nuthatch Nest Box5kl nuthatch box
  • Readily adopted by nuthatches
  • Hang high and close to the trunk of a mature beech or oak

from £86.99

2B Tree Creeper Nest Box2b treecreeper box
  • Ideal for trees with thick bark like oak, alder, poplar, and pine
  • Open back allows preferred contact with tree trunk
  • Removable front panel for inspection
  • Easy to fix to the tree with supplied wooden blocks and aluminum nails

from £56.99

2BN Tree Creeper Nest Box2bn treecreeper 2bn studio
  • Alternative to the 2B model
  • Wire fixing and smaller diameter
  • Includes wire fixing and aluminum nail
  • Waterproofed to prevent water entering the nest

from £53.99

Kingfisher & Sand Martin Nest Tunnelking fisher tunnel tunnel
  • Provides vital nesting opportunities where natural sites are lost
  • Ideal for restructured streams and rivers
  • Suitable for natural waterways with stony or root-filled banks

from £153.99

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