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Squirrel Proof Fat Ball Feeders

Nuttery Hexihaus Fat Ballsquirrel proof feeders hexihaus
  • Distinctive dining that's off limits for squirrels
  • One year guarantee

from £36.99

Nuttery Original Suetsquirrel proof feeders compact suet
  • A great way of offering birdfood cakes safely
  • One year guarantee

from £22.99

Buggy Dumplings™ 100gBuggy Dumplings Studio 1
  • Bursting with insect goodness
  • There's a substantial 5% of pure insect oil and 6% of dried insects in incredibly nutritious Buggy Dumplings™

from £8.99

Chunky Dumplings™ 100gchunky dumplings bird food cd100 6
  • Rich and plump with seeds you can see
  • Includes wholesome, natural ingredients that birds relish
  • Sold in both 85g and 100g sizes

from £7.49

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