Living with Birds Super Scoop™ Bird Food Seed Scoop Accessory

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Super Scoop™ Bird Food Seed Scoop

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Scoop, carry & pour without spilling

Colourful Super Scoop is the ultimate balance of style and functionality. The smart design allows easy one-handed operation, for seamless no-spill bird feeder refills every time. Simply fill from one end and pour from the other!

Perfect for bird seed, pet food and much more!

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Why choose me?

  • The filled scoop balances unaided on a flattened base
  • Made from flexible and durable plastic - won’t crack and easy to keep clean
  • Unmissable Orange™ colour stands out in messy sheds

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Your questions answered

What foods can I scoop?

Super Sccop has been specially designed for refilling your hanging bird feeders with wild bird seeds and blends. This versatile plastic scoop is also the perfect aid for refilling pet food and other small animal feeds, such as chicken and rabbit foods.

What end do I scoop the food from?

Refill your bird feeders or pet bowls in three easy steps. Simply dip the widest end of the scoop into an open sack of bird seed or pet food to fill. Carry with ease to your bird feeder or pet bowls. Finally, pour the contents from the narrow end of the scoop to fill.

Why is the base flat?

Super Scoop features a convenient flat base that allow sit to balance unaided on any flat surface. This handy detail makes it easy to put down even when full, or to neatly store away after use.


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  3. Priority:  within 2 days - £5.50
  4. Next Day:  always sent the day you order - £5.95
  5. Nominated Day  any day that’s best for you - £5.95

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