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Special Mix™ Husk-Free Bird Food

No mess bird seed mix. The extra calorific choice for tubular feeders

Left uneaten, husks are a nuisance to clear up from under your feeder. This top-quality blend includes oil-rich hearts of black sunflower seeds and high-protein peanut granules to deliver an ultra-high energy level bird seed with minimum waste. And because there are no uneaten husks, it offers better value with every bag.

If you experience feeder clogging in wet conditions, add Special Mix™ Original to ensure free-flowing bird seed.

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Why choose me?

  • Ultra high calorific value
  • No husks means more calories per kilo
  • Greatly reduces mess beneath feeder
  • No wheat which mostly appeals to pigeons
  • No gimmicky additives or make-weight fillers

Frequently bought together...

Special Mix™ Husk-Free Bird Food

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Super Scoop™

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Plump black sunflower seeds

These shiny, thin-skinned seeds are a true feast for birds. Every 100g contains 20g of carbohydrate, 20g of protein and a huge 50g of highly calorific fat. Stripped of their husks, sunflower hearts are even easier for birds to handle, with the bonus of leaving no mess beneath your feeders. A rarer sighting in cheap blends, we don’t stint on these super seeds in Special Mix™.

Peck-sized peanut granules

Part of the pea and bean family, these are legumes rather than nuts. Peanut Granules are an extremely valuable source of nutrition, with every 100g containing 20g of carbs, 25g of body-building protein and almost 50g of fat. Peanuts are a star ingredient in Special Mix™, featured in granular form that’s easier and safer for younger birds and adults to manage.

...and absolutely no wheat

This breakfast cereal staple serves as a cheap filler in many budget bird food blends, where its bulk disguises meagre energy levels. You won’t find it in Special Mix™, where our focus is firmly on nutritious, high-energy ingredients that help birds make best use of limited foraging time, especially in the winter months.

Special Mix™ Husk-Free Bird Food

Birds discard indigestible seed husks, leaving their unsightly throw-aways beneath your feeder. This husk-free blend saves you the chore of regular clear-ups. It’s extremely efficient from a nutritional perspective, too, since absolutely nothing’s wasted.

Special Mix Husk Free bird food
Special Mix™ Original Bird Food

Use it anywhere, any time and in any garden. Our classic free-flowing blend is equally suitable for tubular bird feeders, bird tables and dishes. The inclusion of seed husks helps protect against rain and humidity, a common cause of clogged-up feeder ports.

Special Mix original bird food
Special Mix™ 50:50 Bird Food

This beautifully judged combination of our two best-loved Special Mix™ varieties strikes the perfect nutritional balance for birds. Alongside black sunflower seeds – whole and de-husked – you’ll find striped sunflower seeds, peanut granules and more.

Seed spill special mix 50:50

Your questions answered

What is a husk-free bird food blend?

A husk-free bird food blend is a type of bird seed mix where the outer shells or husks of the seeds have been removed. This process leaves behind the nutritious kernel, which is easier for birds to eat and digest. These blends often consist of a variety of seeds, such as sunflower hearts, millet, and peanuts, all prepared without their outer layers.

Do husk-free bird foods leave less mess?

Birds tend to leave husks behind when they eat, which can accumulate under feeders and create a mess in your garden. Husk-free blends significantly reduce waste and mess, making them a tidier option for feeding birds. This also minimises the risk of unwanted pests, like rodents, that might be attracted to the discarded husks.

Why's it better to feed a husk-free bird food?

Feeding a husk-free bird food blend is a considerate and effective way to support garden birds. These blends offer ease of consumption, improved nutrition, less waste, and the potential to attract a wider variety of birds.

  • Use all year round in feeders and on covered bird tables
  • Available in 4kgs handy bags or 12.55kgs sacks. 

None of our sacks weigh more than 12.55kgs. They're easier to store and safer to carry than big, bulky sacks.


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