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Special Mix™ Original Bird Food

The true original. High-calorie, nutritious year-round bird food blend.

We've never turned to cheap tricks like gimmicky additives or make-weight fillers. That's why free-flowing Special Mix™ remains the gold standard in British bird feeding, trusted for its dependably high energy levels and sheer versatility. Often copied but never bettered, it’s a special event every time you fill your feeder.

Use it anywhere, any time and in any garden. Our classic free-flowing bird food blend is equally suitable for tubular feeders, bird tables and dishes. The inclusion of bird seed husks helps protect against rain and humidity, a common cause of clogged-up feeder ports.

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Why choose me?

    • High calorific value
    • Ideal for year-round bird feeding
    • Free flowing; won't clog tubular bird feeders
    • No wheat which mostly appeals to pigeons
    • Bird seed husks protect against moisture
    • No gimmicky additives or make-weight fillers like oats or wheat

Frequently bought together...

Special Mix™ Original Bird Food

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Ring-Pull Click™ Seed Feeder

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Plump black sunflower seeds

These shiny, thin-skinned seeds are a true feast for birds. Every 100g contains 20g of carbohydrate, 20g of protein and a huge 50g of highly calorific fat. Stripped of their husks they’re even easier for birds to handle, with the bonus of leaving no mess beneath your feeders. A rarer sighting in cheap blends, we don’t stint on these super seeds in Special Mix™.

Peck-sized peanut granules

Part of the pea and bean family, these are legumes rather than nuts. They’re an extremely valuable source of nutrition, with every 100g containing 20g of carbs, 25g of body-building protein and almost 50g of fat. Peanuts are a star ingredient in Special Mix™, featured in granular form that’s easier and safer for younger birds and adults to manage.

...and absolutely no wheat

This breakfast cereal staple serves as a cheap filler in many budget birdfood blends, where its bulk disguises meagre energy levels. You won’t find it in Special Mix™, where our focus is firmly on nutritious, high-energy ingredients that help birds make best use of limited foraging time, especially in the winter months.

Special Mix™ Husk-Free

Birds discard indigestible seed husks, leaving their unsightly throw-aways beneath your feeder. This husk-free blend saves you the chore of regular clear-ups. It’s extremely efficient from a nutritional perspective, too, since absolutely nothing’s wasted.

Special Mix Husk Free bird food
Special Mix™ Original

Use it anywhere, any time and in any garden. Our classic free-flowing blend is equally suitable for tubular feeders, bird tables and dishes. The inclusion of seed husks helps protect against rain and humidity, a common cause of clogged-up feeder ports.

Special Mix original bird food
Special Mix™ 50:50

This beautifully judged combination of our two best-loved Special Mix™ varieties strikes the perfect nutritional balance for birds. Alongside black sunflower seeds – whole and de-husked – you’ll find striped sunflower seeds, peanut granules and more.

Seed spill special mix 50:50

Your questions answered

Can bird food go bad?

Yes, bird food can turn bad if it is not stored in the correct way, or is exposed to excessive moisture, which can lead to a buildup of mould and bacteria on the food. It should therefore be stored in a cool, dry place which will help to keep it fresher for longer. Make sure to store your bird food in tightly sealed, chew-proof containers, to eliminate any risk of unwanted pests and rodents infesting your supplies.

Why do birds throw their bird food?

Poor quality bird food is often bulked out with ‘filler’ seeds and grains of low nutritional value, such as wheat and split peas. These are undesirable to small birds and so they may often ‘pick out’ the seeds or foods that they prefer, discarding those that are less appetising or less nutritional. Special Mix™ contains no wheat or fillers, so there’s nothing birds will pick out. Attract a wider variety of birds to your garden by choosing a high quality, highly nutritional, and wheat-free blend of bird food, such as Special Mix.

Can bird food be harmful to dogs?

Certain bird food blends may contain particular ingredients which can be harmful to dogs if consumed. For instance, raisins and macadamia nuts, which are found in some bird food mixes, are highly toxic to dogs. Whole or large peanut pieces could also fall to the ground, creating a possible choking hazard for smaller breeds. It is also important to make sure that your bird food does not build up on the ground below feeders, especially in wet conditions. Over time, this can lead to mould and bacteria contamination, which if then ingested, could also pose a risk to a dog’s health.

Can bird food get wet?

Yes, bird food can get wet, but it's not ideal. Wet bird food can lead to the growth of mould and bacteria, which can be harmful to birds. When bird food gets wet, it clumps together, making it difficult for birds to eat. Moreover, damp conditions can cause the seed to sprout, rendering it inedible for birds. To prevent bird food from getting wet, it's advisable to use weather-proof feeders, keep the feeding area clean, and only put out as much food as birds can consume in a day or two. This ensures the food remains fresh and safe for bird consumption.

  • For feeders, bird tables and ground feeding
  • Includes no Canary grass seeds and white millet that some birds shun

None of our sacks weigh more than 12.55kgs. They're easier to store and safer to carry than big, bulky sacks.


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