Living with Birds Caring for wild birds is easy Tweetapedia

Living with Birds Caring for wild birds is easy Tweetapedia


Caring for wild birds is easy

In natural conditions birds are remarkably tough and robust creatures. However, garden feeding stations draw large numbers to a relatively small area so here are our simple tips for the little extra care needed for their welfare.

  • Keep food both cool and dry until you offer it. Be careful never to allow it to become stale or mouldy, whether in storage or in the feeder.
  • When attracting lots of birds to the same feeding site, regularly hose or brush down the feeding area.
  • Moving feeders to new positions around the garden will help keep the ground fresh.
  • Birdbaths should be scrubbed, and their water changed, at least once a week in summer and fortnightly in winter.
  • Make a point of cleaning feeders at least every fortnight. Our Cleaning Brush makes this easy.
  • Flocks of birds at one site are certain to attract predators. Raids by sparrowhawks can be foiled by placing feeders close to cover, while marauding cats can be discouraged by using our cat deterrents.

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