Living with Birds Suet Ball Basket Feeder

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Suet Ball Basket Feeder

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A durable, all-weather bird feeder for fat balls

Suet Ball Basket is made from tough, chew-proof metal, holding a generous five 100g Chunky Dumplings™ fat balls.

Its pleasing curved design provides plenty of space for garden birds to cling and feed in comfort, whilst adding a touch of elegance to your garden.

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Why choose me?

    • Holds up to 5 suet balls, ensuring a generous supply for your wild birds
    • The two-way access design means birds can choose the most comfortable way to feed
    • The pitched roof shields fat balls from rain, keeping them fresh and enticing for wild birds
    • Crafted from high-quality metal, the Suet Ball Basket feeder stands the test of time

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Suet Ball Basket Feeder

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Chunky Dumplings™ 100g

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Your questions answered

How many suet balls will this feeder hold?

Suet Ball Basket holds up to 6 standard suet balls, or up to 5 Chunky Dumpling fat balls, ensuring a generous supply for your garden birds.

Will the suet balls get wet when it rains?

Suet Ball Basket’s sturdy pitched roof provides all-weather protection for both suet balls and small feeding birds, helping keep your suet balls dry and enticing even during rain showers.

What material is the feeder made from?

Suet Ball Basket is durable and built to last, ensuring reliable feeding solution throughout the seasons. Made from tough, high-quality metal, the chew-proof steel cage also helps prevent unwanted damage from squirrels.


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