Living with Birds Badgers befriended Tweetapedia

Living with Birds Badgers befriended Tweetapedia


Badgers befriended

There was a time when badgers were regarded as rare garden visitors.

But with the doubling of Britain’s badger population over the past two decades, that’s no longer the case. More people are spotting badgers, even in suburban gardens. Much of the time, though, badgers only leave evidence of their presence and aren’t actually seen.

Unlike foxes that are often seen around dawn and dusk - and even during the day - badgers are strictly nocturnal. Garden visits usually take place in the middle of the night while we’re asleep. However, in contrast with foxes that usually pass through gardens quickly, badgers like to take their time.

They’re particularly fond of foraging under birdfeeders, picking up spilt food or digging where the ground is often rich in worms underneath a feeder.

Try scattering some peanuts on the ground if you want to encourage solitary badgers or even encourage whole families to your garden. Who knows - if you’re prepared to stay up late you might be rewarded with a lucky sighting.

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