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Living with Birds Spotlight on Squirrel Buster® Tweetapedia


Spotlight on Squirrel Buster

The feeders that changed the world

When Squirrel Buster® burst onto the scene in 2000, it solved an age-old headache for bird lovers. And now after 12 years - and millions of happy customers - it's the world's favourite squirrel-proof feeder.

Grey squirrels have been a huge problem in UK and North American gardens for decades, emptying bird feeders and often wrecking them in the process. Along the way, they've aggresively displaced their red squirrel cousins: today there are over 2.5 million greys in the UK and just 150,000 reds.

There have been hundreds of attempts to address this perennial problem. Approaches included metal cages, slippery grease, anti-vandal paint, collapsible perches, peppery additives to bird seed, flashing lights, water jets, alarms and even electric shocks!

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Squirrel Buster's brilliantly simple design uses the squirrel's weight to instantly shut off access to the food - and the feeding ports open again the moment the squirrel jumps away.

Squirrel proof, chew proof and weather proof, it's backed with the extra reassurance of a Lifetime Guarantee and our prompt, friendly spares service to keep you feeding for years to come.

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