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Squirrel Buster: The 3.5 million selling sensation

Love them or loathe them, squirrels are an unavoidable feature in many British gardens. Their acrobatic antics endear them to some wildlife fans. But their presence isn’t always welcomed by bird lovers, used to seeing their investment in quality seed disappear as feeders are stripped of their contents in a matter of hours.

For anyone who’s fed up with seeing their feeders emptied while birds go hungry, the answer’s here with Squirrel Buster®. Humane yet devastatingly effective, this 3.5 million selling family of high-performance bird feeders from North America is 100% effective, keeping precious food out the wrong paws. And that’s absolutely guaranteed.

Squirrel Buster’s clever patented mechanism lets birds feed freely. But when marauding mammals climb aboard, their weight instantly shuts off the feeder ports. It’s brilliantly simple, and highly effective. There’s a choice of five Squirrel Buster® models to suit any size of garden, with options for offering seeds, blends or peanuts.

Feed birds, not squirrels – with the undefeated world champion among squirrel-proof feeders. See all Squirrel Buster® Feeders.

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