Living with Birds Schwegler Woodcrete Favourites Nest Box

Built to last for generations

Imagine the warmth and breathability of wood – in an everlasting material that’s easily moulded and shaped.

Developed by European experts Schwegler, WoodcretePLUS™ is a precisely controlled blend of over 70% real wood fibres plus clay and cement. The mixture’s compressed and cured at high temperatures, creating a virtually indestructible compound that lasts for decades.

Unlike cold concrete or clammy plastic, WoodcretePLUS™ breathes naturally to prevent condensation build-up – helping keep the box interior dry and airy all year round.

The Schwegler 1BSchwegler collection 1b
Nothing comes close to the strength, longevity or year-round comfort of this legendary box that's an official choice of National Nest Box Week

from £42.99

Avianex™Schwegler collection avianex
Widely chosen by architects and house builders, this beautifully distinctive box integrates with old-style and modern properties alike

from £69.99

Open-fronted for RobinSchwegler collection open fronted
Perfect boxes for robins and other species that shun circular nesting holes

from £39.99

Roundhouse™Schwegler collection roundhouse with bird
If you're looking to attract wrens and other hole-nesting species, look no further than this tough, distinctively styled dwelling

from £59.99

BatSchwegler collection bat box collection 2f bat box hanging
Wide range of designs by world leading manufacturer Schwegler for mounting on trees and walls or integration into buildings

from £51.99

Birds of PreySchwegler collection no 28 kestrel with bird
Specially-designed boxes and baskets by world leader Schwegler to attract jackdaws, kites, kestrels and other larger birds of prey

from £112.99

House MartinSchwegler collection house martin
These purpose-built boxes are ideal for attracting house martins to eaves, barns and outbuildings

from £35.99

Sparrow TerraceSchwegler collection sparrow terrace
One satisfying way to help sparrows is providing a Sparrow Terrace. These are highly sociable birds that like to nest in company

from £124.99

StarlingSchwegler collection starling
Specially sized to attract starlings that struggle to squeeze into smaller boxes

from £52.99

SwallowSchwegler collection swallow nest swallow nest with birds
These durable, naturally shaped bowls closely mimic the nests that swallows build themselves

from £24.99

HedgehogSchwegler collection hedgehog dome with hedgehog nest
Designed to the highest standards by Schwegler to provide year-round shelter and security for hedgehogs

from £154.99

Blue TitsSchwegler collection blue tits collection 2m great tit
Hang this domed box from a branch by its stainless-steel loop and its occupants will be much safer from marauding cats and squirrels

from £44.99

SwiftSchwegler collection swift box
Purpose-designed swift boxes by Schwegler, offering excellent occupation rates in properties of every age

from £69.99

NuthatchSchwegler collection nuthatch box
Purpose-designed nuthatch box by Schwegler, offering excellent occupation rates in properties of every age

from £86.99

Short-toed TreecreeperSchwegler collection treecreeper collection 2b treecreeper box
Designed for treecreepers which like to nest on trees with thick bark

from £53.99

Kingfisher/Sand Martins Nest TunnelSchwegler collection kingfisher tunnel
Our nest tunnel provides a vital nesting opportunity near streams and rivers

from £153.99

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