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Living with Birds Swift Schwegler Woodcrete Favourite Nest Box

Sensational for swifts

Designed by leading experts Schwegler, these purpose-designed swift boxes have been consistently proven with excellent occupation rates in new-build properties and period buildings.

Swift Box No. 17
Swift R1
Swift Box No. 17A Triple Cavity
Swift R2
Swift Box No. 17B with enlarged brood chamber, single cavity
Swift R3
Swift Box No. 17C Double Cavity
Swift R4
Swift Box No. 16
Swift R5
Swift Box No. 16S with starling barrier
Swift R6
Swift Observation Box No. 15
Swift R7
Swift Observation Box No. 14 with Access Tube
Swift R8
Delta-shaped Swift Box
Swift R9
Swift Box No. 18
Swift R10
Cavity Panel for Swifts
Swift R11
Swift Nest Mould
Swift R12
1MF Double Swift Box (double chamber)
Swift R13
Lightweight Swift Box No. 1A
Swift R14
Swift Response Calls CD
Swift R15
Brick Box 25 for Swift
Swift R16
Brick Box 25A for Swift, enlarged breeding space
Swift R17

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