Living with Birds Ideas for summer

Ideas for summer

With the warmer weather, there’s plenty happening outside in our busy gardens.

Fledgelings have flown the nest and are learning to find their way in the world. Hoglets are getting ready to venture out and begin foraging. Meanwhile, bees, butterflies and other polinators are gorging on summer’s floral display in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Make all your garden visitors welcome at this extraordinary time, creating a vibrant summer garden in which wildlife can flourish.

Vale's™ Hedgehog Foodvale hedgehog food 5
Our new food is used daily at Vale Wildlife Hospital, one of the UK’s largest rescues. It’s made with plenty of meat and fibre, and selected vitamins and minerals – just what hedgehogs need.

from £4.49

I Love Hedgehogs™for hedgehogs collection i love hedgehog food
Nutritious and delicious, this is an ideal complementary food to help hedgehogs thrive. In step with latest research, it has a carefully balanced level between calcium and phosphorus for better bone health.

from £5.99

Hedgehog Snack Bowlsfor hedgehogs collection hedgehog snack bowl
These square straight-sided dishes in attractive green glazed ceramic are designed for the express purpose of feeding hedgehogs.

from £5.99

Shenstone Birdbathsummer ideas 3
This attractive bird bath is made in tough, light Claypas composite that mimics the appearance of naturally weathered stone. The stepped design allows safe drinking and bathing for birds as well as bees and other insects.

from £47.99
£29.99 Save £18 on the Shenstone Birdbath

Live Mealwormssummer ideas 2
Mealworms provide a safe, nutritious source of protein for most garden birds - especially adults to feed their young. Easily served, a few dozen at a time, from a shallow, steep-sided dish covered from the rain.

from £7.90

Flutter Butter® Starter Packnew product pages 2
Everything you need to start feeding Flutter Butter. Includes the best selling Flutter Butter® bird feeder plus two 140g Flutter Butter® EcoRefills.

from £10.99

‘Water is Life’ Birdbathsummer ideas 1
The stepped contours of this birdbath allow birds and insects to find their own depth for drinking and bathing in comfort and safety.

from £43.99
£39.99 Save £4 on the Water is Life Birdbath

InSpira™ Birdbathsummer ideas 4
Finished in a subtly stippled olive green glaze, InSpira™ features a ribbed spiral contour that’s both distinctive and practical. Choose InSpira™ with the Column Stand for flowerbeds and lawns or the Ground Stand for patios, decking and tables.

from £39.99
£34.99 Save £5 on the InSpira™ Birdbath

I Love Robins® Hanging Treat Dishtray platform feeders hanging treat dish
Hanging treat dish provides plenty of room for birds to perch and feed in comfort. Simply find a quiet spot in the garden and hang the dish from a branch or hook.

from £14.99

Suet Ball Basket Feedernew product pages 5
Its pleasing curved design provides plenty of space for garden birds to cling and feed in comfort, whilst adding a touch of elegance to your garden.

from £14.99

Native wildflower seedballsseedball grab bags Bee Mix Front
Native wildflower seeds in balls of clay, peat-free compost and chilli powder. Seeds are naturally protected from being eaten by insects and birds. Simply scatter on top of soil or compost and water on dry days.

from £15.00

Nooks & Crannies™ Insect Houseinsect houses NC LHS
This helpful habitat is great for solitary bees that lay their eggs in tunnels. Watch them come and go on sunny days, building cells for their eggs in the holes using mud and pieces of leaf.

from £23.99

Nooks & Crannies™ Insect Blockinsect houses NC BL
Includes bamboo tubes and drilled wood. Fix to a tree in a sunny spot, or against a fence or wall.

from £12.99

Nooks & Crannies™ Insect Loftinsect houses NC LF
Hang against a tree, fence or wall. Choose a sunny position, preferably south-facing, with flowers and a source of wet mud within 600 metres.

from £8.99

Wildflower Plantable Seed Cardswildflower plantable seed cards forget me not
Send these beautiful handmade cards and make your love of nature go even further. Soaked overnight and planted under a thin layer of compost, seeds embedded in the biodegradable paper will germinate in a week or so for a beautiful floral display indoors or out.

from £3.95

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