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Living with Birds InSpira™ Birdbath

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InSpira™ Birdbath

Finished in a subtly stippled olive green glaze, InSpira™ features a ribbed spiral contour that’s both distinctive and practical. Birds large and small can easily find a foothold, letting them bathe securely at any depth, and insects can escape effortlessly from the gently-stepped shallows.

Choose InSpira™ with the Column Stand for flowerbeds and lawns or the Ground Stand for patios, decking and tables.

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  • Fired in high-quality terracotta with hygienic non-porous glaze that's easy to clean
  • Stepped spiral contour allows birds to perch comfortably and securely as they bathe
  • Shallow stepped profile allows insects to escape from water
  • Designed by Jacobi Jayne in the UK


InSpira™ with Ground Stand

Height: 105mm.
Diameter: 420mm.
Weight: 4kg.


InSpira™ with Column Stand

Height: 355mm.
Diameter: 420mm.
Weight: 5kg.

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