Living with Birds 21 Facts on Wren Tweetapedia

Living with Birds 21 Facts on Wren Tweetapedia

21 Facts
21 Facts On Wren I1
21 Facts On Wren I2


  1. It’s not the smallest British bird (that’s the goldcrest), but it is the shortest.
  2. The wren appeared on the smallest British coin, the farthing.
  3. It’s the only member of the wren family to be found outside the Americas (where there are no fewer than 83 different species of wren).
  4. The wren is Britain’s most widespread bird, and is found on almost all offshore islands, and from sea level to the tops of the Highlands.
  5. Wrens suffer badly in cold weather, when prolonged snow cover can deplete populations by as much as 25%.
  6. There are an estimated 7 million wren territories in Britain, making it one of our most abundant birds.
  7. In proportion to its size, the wren has the loudest song of any British bird.
  8. One male mute swan weighs the same as 1,400 wrens.
  9. Wrens will nest communally in winter, with as many as 10 birds spending the night together in a single nestbox. The maximum recorded roosting together is 61.
  10. The family name for the wrens is Troglodytidae, which means cave dweller.
  11. The cock wren builds from six to 12 nests, but only one is used by the female.
  12. The female adds the lining to the nest she decides to use.
  13. The bond between the male and female is loose, and only a minority of males help rear the young.
  14. At least 50% of cock wrens have more than one mate.
  15. Wrens have large families: eight or nine young fledging from one nest is not unusual.
  16. Cock wrens sing throughout the year except when moulting.
  17. Though British wrens seldom move far, northern populations are migratory, and Swedish birds have been recorded moving as far as 2500km.
  18. Distinct subspecies of our wren can be found on St Kilda, off north-west Scotland, and as far away as Taiwan.
  19. Wrens play a major role in ancient tradition and folklore. Wren hunts, which took place between Christmas and Epiphany, were once an annual ritual in rural Britain and northern Europe.
  20. According to Greek legend, the wren became the king of birds by hiding on the eagle’s back, and thus succeeding in flying higher in the sky than the eagle.

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