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Living with Birds Special Mix™ Highest Energy Special Mix™ Blend Food

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Special Mix™ Highest Energy

Rich in Suet Grains™ – there’s no higher source of energy for colder-weather feeding

Rich in our top-quality Suet Grains, Special Mix™ Highest Energy delivers an unmatched energy boost, especially in colder weather when birds need it the most. While suet alone can cause clogging in tubular feeders, this balanced blend is free-flowing and pushes energy levels to new extremes.

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Special Mix Highest Energy
Special Mix™ Highest Energy
  • Special Mix Highest Energy
  • Ultra high calorific value
  • Combines suet and seed to attract a wide range of species
  • Feeder-friendly, free-flowing blend
  • No wheat which mostly appeals to pigeons
  • No gimmicky additives or make-weight fillers
  • Use all year round, especially in colder weather
  • For feeders and covered bird tables


Note that none of our sacks weigh more than 12.55kgs. They're easier to store and safer to carry than big, bulky sacks.

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