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Living with Birds Special Mix™ Special Mix Blend Food

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Special Mix™ Original

The true original. High-calorie, nutritious year-round blend

We've never turned to cheap tricks like gimmicky additives or make-weight fillers. That's why free-flowing Special Mix™ remains the gold standard in British bird feeding, trusted for its dependably high energy levels and sheer versatility. Often copied but never bettered, it’s a special event every time you fill your feeder.

Special Mix™ Blend 2

Some birds don't go for the small, shiny Canary grass seeds included in our much-loved Original. So we've simply taken them out of this sister blend. Try offering it if you've been finding some seeds get left uneaten from your regular mix.

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Special Mix Original
Special Mix™ Original
  • Special Mix Original
  • Special Mix Blend 2
  • special-mix-original
  • special-mix-original
  • High calorific value
  • Ideal for year-round feeding
  • Free flowing; won't clog tubular feeders
  • No wheat which mostly appeals to pigeons
  • Seed husks protect against moisture
  • No gimmicky additives or make-weight fillers
  • For feeders, bird tables and ground feeding
  • Blend 2 excludes Canary grass seeds and white millet that some birds shun


None of our sacks weigh more than 12.55kgs. They're easier to store and safer to carry than big, bulky sacks.

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