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Flutter Butter® Feeders

Take a quick glance round your garden: you're sure to find plenty of ideal spots for offering Flutter Butter®. Our range of highly practical, easy to use feeders includes something to suit everyone - and every bird. Lawns and flowerbeds, trees, windows, sheds and fences are all candidate feeding points. Just add Flutter Butter® and see what happens. 

Feeders R1


  • Three Flutter Butter® EcoRefills
  • Flutter Butter® Hanging Feeder
Feeders R2
  • Hang from supplied chain
  • Quick, easy jar swaps with a simple twist
Feeders R3
  • Hand-made in treated Pine, with a distinctive pitched roof that protects Pods and feeding birds from rain
  • Hang from supplied chain
Feeders R4
  • Make any fence post, wall or shed an instant feeding point
  • Two wall mounts included
  • Fixing screws included
Feeders R5
  • Quick and easy to assemble,
  • Fuss-free Pod swaps
  • Choice of three colours
Feeders R6
  • Adheres instantly to any window
  • Quick Pod swaps without having to detach the suckers

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