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Living with Birds I Love My Birds™ TubCakes Suet Balls & Cake Food

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I Love My Birds™ TubCakes

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Available in the same flavours as our Birdfood Cakes, and well over twice the size at 800g. Each TubCake includes our clever hanger for easy suspension from a branch or hook.


We’ve chosen flavours for you, but please make any changes you wish.
minusplus Peanut & Seed
minusplus Bread & Butter Pudding
minusplus Honey Nut Cereal
minusplus Peanut Butter
minusplus Fruit Berry & Nuts
minusplus Apple Crumble Cake
minusplus Date & Walnut
minusplus Birthday Cake
minusplus Wedding
minusplus Raisin & Nuts
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I Love My Birds™ TubCakes
  • I Love My Birds™ TubCakes
  • I Love My Birds™ TubCakes
  • I Love My Birds™ TubCakes

Peanut & Seed TSPS with chopped peanuts


Bread & Butter Pudding TSBB with toasted breadcrumbs and peanut butter


Honey Nut Cereal TSHN with oats, chopped peanuts and honey


Peanut Butter TSPB with chopped peanuts and peanut butter


Fruit, Berries & Nuts TSFB with blueberries, cherries, dried apples, chopped peanuts & almonds


Insect TSIC with dried insects and mealworms


Date & Walnut TSDW with dried dates and walnuts


Apple Crumble TSCR with dried apple and sultanas


Birthday Cake TSBD with granulated seeds, fruits and insects



Wedding Cake TSWC with peanuts, mealworms, raisins, cherries & oyster shell grit

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