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flo seed feeder 3 colours sizes
flo seed feeder flo classic green size 2 robin
flo seed feeder flo lime size 3 greenfinch
flo seed feeder flo blue size 1 blue tits
flo seed feeder FLO S1C
flo seed feeder FLO S2C

flo™ Seed Feeder

For all seasons, for every garden

Colourful flo's wide tube holds more food and encourages seed to flow freely. Large, specially shaped perches let birds feed in comfort from angle. Best of all, everything comes apart instantly for cleaning - making it brilliantly easy to keep flo™ healthy and hygienic for your birds.

Why choose me?

  • Wide, free flowing seed tube holds more food
  • Perches let the birds feed sideways or face-on
  • Fresh, colourful looks brighten your garden

  • Two-year guarantee
  • Quick, easy cleaning
  • Tough plastic fittings

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