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Take the tube

They’re always the first port of call for anyone who’s serious about helping British birds. We’ve got the finest choice of tubular feeders you’ll find anywhere – all beautifully designed to look right at home in any size of garden.

Go for super-tough, no-compromise feeders that are built to deliver the goods for years. Or pick up a colourful, temptingly priced gift that’s great for first-time bird fans and younger wildlife lovers.

Tubular Feeders R1
  • flo's wide tubes encourage seed to flow freely
  • Models for seed and niger
  • Two year guarantee
Tubular Feeders R2
  • Wider tube holds more food
  • Metal seed ports and cap resist the weather and thwart squirrels
  • Lifetime Gurantee
Tubular Feeders R3
  • Super high capacity feeder
  • Twist off base and click-off comfort perches
  • Lifetime Guarantee
Tubular Feeders R4
  • Tough metal fittings resist chewing by squirrels
  • Models for seed, peanuts and niger
  • Lifetime Guarantee
Tubular Feeders R5
  • Pull the pin and all feeder parts separate for a thorough clean
  • Models for seeds, peanuts and niger
  • Two year guarantee
Tubular Feeders R6
  • Seed ventilation system keeps food fresh
  • Fill with seed or blends
  • Lifetime Guarantee
Tubular Feeders R7
  • A perfect starter feeder
  • Models for seed, peanut, niger and suet ball
  • Made in recylable plastic

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