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Fat Favourites

Loaded with precious calories, energy-rich suet makes an utterly dependable year-round feeding choice with easy handling. We’ve got lots of great ways to offer fat balls and cakes safely and with minimum mess. Go for no-nonsense practicality or beautifully individual styling – you’ll find the perfect suet feeder here for every garden.

Suet Ball Cake Feeders R1
  • The safe, simple 'no-nets' way to offer fat balls 
  • Snap open for instant refills
  • Hang from a branch or hook using the supplied wire hanger
Suet Ball Cake Feeders R2
  • Made to last in chew proof metal
  • Easy-open protective lid
  • Lifetime Guarantee
Suet Ball Cake Feeders R3
  • Hang individually or snap them together
  • Starter pack available

Suet Ball Cake Feeders R4
  • Discourages larger birds which dislike clinging
  • Provides all weather protection
  • Includes hanging chain and hook
Suet Ball Cake Feeders R5
  • Side-opening design for easy refills
  • Two sizes available