Living with Birds Little Lantern Special Feeder Feeder

little lantern studio empty
little lantern robin landing
little lantern goldfinches eating
little lantern blue tit eating

Little Lantern™

Let birds brighten your garden

It’s a magnet for small clinging birds. Little Lantern doesn’t appeal to bigger species like starlings and pigeons: they’ll find it awkward to hold on and quickly head elsewhere.

The feeder’s rain-resistant top twists off for refills, while the base comes off in a jiffy for cleaning.


Why choose me?

  • Attract small species, including tits, wrens, sparrows and finches that cling to feed
  • Filling is easy by twisting the top, and the feeder base comes off for cleaning

  • Use with any Special Mix™ blend, Black Sunflower Seeds or Sunflower Hearts
  • Capacity: 0.9 litres.
  • Dimensions: 205H x 150W x 150D mm.

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