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Living with Birds Seed Trays & more Trays & Protection Accessory

Waste not, want not

Our seed trays attach instantly to the tubular feeder’s base, preventing uneaten food from falling underneath the feeder. They provide welcome extra perching space, too.

Ring-Pull™ Base Tray
Seed Trays   More R1
Ring-Pull™ Super Tray
Seed Trays   More R2
A Tray
Seed Trays More R3
Omni Tray
Seed Trays More R4
Onyx™ Tray
Seed Trays More R5
Seed Trays More R6
Seed Trays More R7
Ring-Pull™ Perch Rings
Seed Trays More R8
Easy-Fit Perch Rings
Seed Trays More R9

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Living with Birds

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