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Living with Birds Wraparound Hooks Garden Pole System Poles & Mounting Accessory

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Wraparound Hooks


Nothing short of ingenious, these Hooks fit effortlessly to our Garden Pole (or any 1” pole) without any fiddly clamps or screws. Set them at just the heights you want, knowing they can be very easily removed or adjusted. Takes just seconds to fit. Green coated steel finish.

Safety Loop:

This contemporary hook design features a secure safety loop to prevent a suspended feeder being dislodged by the wind or squirrels.

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Wraparound Hooks
  • Wraparound Hooks
  • Wraparound Hooks
  • Wraparound Hooks
  • Takes just seconds to fit
  • Adjustable to whatever height you want
  • No clamps, no screws, no effort!
  • Fits our Garden Pole or any 1" pole

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