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Living with Birds Bat Schwegler Woodcrete Favourite Nest Box

Brilliant for bats

Explore our collection of bat boxes by world leading manufacturer Schwegler. They're consistently chosen by conservation experts for their appealing design and proven performance. There's a choice of models for installation on trees and external walls or integration directly into buildings.

2F Bat Box
Bat R1
2F Double Front Panel Bat Box
Bat R2
2FN Special Bat Box
Bat R3
3FN Small Bat Box
Bat R4
1FD Bat Box
Bat R5
1FF Bat Box
Bat R6
3FF Bat Box
Bat R7
1FFH Universal Bat Box
Bat R8
1FS Large Colony Bat Box
Bat R9
2FS Small Species Colony Bat Box
Bat R10
3FS Small Species Colony Bat Box
Bat R11
1FW Bat Hibernation Box
Bat R12
1GS Brick Bat Roost
Bat R13
2FE Wall-mounted Bat Shelter
Bat R14
1FE Bat Access Panel
Bat R15
1FQ Bat Roost
Bat R16
1WQ Summer & Winter Bat Roost
Bat R17
1WI Summer & Winter Bat Box
Bat R18
1FTH Universal Summer Bat Roost
Bat R19
2FTH Universal Summer Bat Roost
Bat R20
1FR Bat Tube
Bat R21
2FR Bat Tube
Bat R22
Brick Box 27 for Bats
Bat R23

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