Living with Birds Beepots Insect House Nest Box

Beepots beepot white
Beepots beepot white in garden
Beepots beepot and beepot mini in garden
Beepots black by pond
Beepots beepot charcoal
Beepots Beepot mini white
Beepots beepot mini charcoal


Help bees with a dash of style & practicality

Combining a safe nesting site with space for pollinating plants, you’ll be doing solitary bees a double favour with Beepot. The bold architectural lines of this planter and bee house look wonderful in contemporary or traditional gardens.

Available in natural white or charcoal concrete.

  • Dimensions: 150H x 225W x 152D mm.

  • Beepot Mini
  • Dimensions: 115H x 115W x 115D mm.

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