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Living with Birds Special Mix™ Husk-Free Special Mix™ Blend Food

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Special Mix™ Husk-Free

No husks, no waste. The extra calorific choice for tubular feeders

Left uneaten, husks are a nuisance to clear up from under your feeder. This top-quality blend includes oil-rich hearts of black sunflower seeds and high-protein peanut granules to deliver ultra-high energy levels with an absolute minimum of waste. And because there are no uneaten husks, it offers better value with every bag.

If you experience feeder clogging in wet conditions, add original Special Mix™ to ensure free-flowing seed.

Special Mix™ Husk-Free Blend 2

Delivering the same exceptional performance as Special Mix™ Husk-Free, this alternative blend excludes Canary and white millet that are ignored by some birds. This refined formulation offers real value while attracting many species.

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Special Mix Husk Free
Special Mix™ Husk Free
  • Special Mix Husk Free
  • Special Mix Husk Free Blend 2
  • Special Mix Husk-Free
  • Special Mix Husk-Free
  • Ultra high calorific value
  • No husks means more calories per kilo
  • Greatly reduces mess beneath feeder
  • No wheat which mostly appeals to pigeons
  • No gimmicky additives or make-weight fillers
  • Use all year round in feeders and on covered bird tables
  • Blend 2 excludes Canary grass seeds and white millet that some birds shun


Note that none of our sacks weigh more than 12.55kgs. They're easier to store and safer to carry than big, bulky sacks.

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