Living with Birds Live & Dried Mealworms Food

Live and direct to you

Insect protein is a vital component in many birds’ diets. Our high quality mealworms make an unbeatable source of easily digestible nutrition for most garden species, especially adult birds feeding their young. Delivered direct to your door, they’re conveniently packed for easy handling.

Live Amp Dried Mealworms R1
  • Ideal for adults feeding their young
  • Unbeatable source of easily-digestible protein
Live Amp Dried Mealworms R2
  • Typically 13-18mm long
  • Particularly suitable for fledglings just starting to feed
Live Amp Dried Mealworms R3
  • Easier to store than live mealworms
  • Ideal for anyone who's squeamish about handling live foods
Live Amp Dried Mealworms R4
  • Available in two sizes
  • Helps keep mealworms fresher for longer

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