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Who doesn’t love robins? And who can’t resist these beautiful, jewel-like feeders that give a clear view of feeding birds in close-up. The perfect way to offer our richly aromatic I Love Robins® superfood, they’re just the job for seeds, mealworms and suet, too.​

I Love Robins® Hanging Treat Dishi love robins collection 2024 ilr HTD
  • Easily twist off the tray to clean
  • Twist & lock feature secures the dish, preventing it from lifting or tipping

from £14.99

I Love Robins® Feederi love robins collection 2024 ilr x2
  • Adjustable dome height allows easy access for small species
  • Clear tray and dome offers unobstructed views

from £28.99

I Love Robins® Pearl Feederi love robins collection 2024 ilr pf
  • Adjustable dome height will deter larger birds like pigeons
  • Drainage holes in the base help prevent waterlogged seed

from £14.99

I Love Robins® Easy-Clean Treat Dishi love robins collection 2024 ilr td
  • Turn the dish in place to prevent lifting or tipping
  • Long-lasting polycarbonate won't crack or yellow in the sunlight

from £12.99

I Love Robins® Window Feederi love robins collection 2024 ilr wf
  • Drop the canopy height to discourage larger birds
  • Adjustable rain canopy offers protection from rain

from £19.99

I Love Robins® TreatTray & Canopyi love robins collection 2024 ilr tt
  • Treat Tray clings to any window and removes easily
  • Treat Tray Canopy shields food contents from the rain

from £6.99

I Love Robins® Ceramic Dishi love robins dish i love robins ceramic dish
  • Frost proof and dishwasher friendly
  • A smooth rim allows for perching in comfort

from £14.99

Feeder Fixeri love robins feeder fixer feeder fixer product
  • This handy mounting bar allows easy attachment to a wall or fence
  • Suitable for the I Love Robins TreatTray, TreatTray Canopy and Window Feeder

from £4.99

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