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There are around 1.5 million hedgehogs in the UK – a huge decline from their 1950s numbers in the tens of millions. You can help by offering food to supplement their insect-rich natural diet, alongside a regularly-refreshed supply of drinking water. Providing carefully-designed accommodation will give hedgehogs a safe space to breed, rest and shelter through the seasons.

I Love Hedgehogs™ 500gfor hedgehogs collection i love hedgehog food
Used for many years in garden and wildlife hospitals across the country, this is a scientifically balanced supplement to a hedgehog's natural diet

from £4.99
£4.61 Save 7.5% until 31st August

Hedgehog House Riverside Goldfor hedgehogs collection riverside gold hedgehog house
This top-rated, spacious house is hand-made in thick, high-quality timber that offers year-round insulation against extremes of heat and cold.

from £75.00

Hedgehog Snack Bowlsfor hedgehogs collection hedgehog snack bowl
These square straight-sided dishes in attractive green glazed ceramic are designed for the express purpose of feeding hedgehogs

from £5.49

I Love Hedgehogs™ Dishfor hedgehogs collection i love hedgehogs dish
Ideal for serving moist, rich I Love Hedgehogs™ - the food that's blended for our favourite small mammal

from £14.99
£9.99 Save £5 until 31st August

Hedgehog Housefor hedgehogs collection wildlife world hedgehog house
This year-round home for hedgehogs features a sturdy steel frame that’s protected with a water repellent membrane and natural brushwood outer

from £43.99

'Hedgehog' by Pat Morrisbooks more department hedgehog pat morris
A complete overview on Britain's favourite mammal, including behaviour, feeding habits, hibernation, population numbers and its relationship with people

from £35.00

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