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Living with Birds Garden Pole Garden Pole System Poles & Mounting Accessory

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Garden Pole

Easy-to-assemble three section pole in durable painted steel. Spike drives into ground and polycarbonate adaptor allows feeder to be easily lifted off for filling and cleaning. Compatible with most of our feeders.

Diameter Ø : 1”. Height: 1730mm. Colour: Dark Green

Garden Pole Extra Section: Optional 550mm mid-section provides additional pole length when the ground is soft.

Garden Pole Short Section: Adds 355mm to the garden pole.

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Garden Pole
  • Garden Pole
  • Garden Pole
  • Garden Pole
  • Extra Section
  • Short Section
  • Compatible with most of our feeders
  • Optional extra section and short section if more length is required
  • All sections in durable painted Dark Green steel

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