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Birdbath Raft

It's suprising how few gardens have a birdbath. And even if you've got a pond, the chances are it's not suitable for visiting birds that favour a shallow water source without steep sides.

It's important to offer fresh water for garden birds all year round. And that's why we're excited about Birdbath Raft - a clever new idea that makes it brilliantly easy to offer an attractive drinking and bathing station this summer.

The special shape of Birdbath Raft transforms any garden pot, barrel or pond into the perfect birdbath, providing a sure foothold and the perfect depth of water. Durable, easy to clean and great value, Birdbath Raft creates an instant water feature in any sized garden.

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  • Transforms any garden pot, barrel or pond into the perfect bird bath
  • Provides sure foothold and perfect depth of water
  • Durable, easy to clean and excellent value

Diameter: 360mm

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