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Nick Baker's Nesting Favourites – No. 8

Song Thrush

"Its varied song of often-repeated couplets make it an easy score for a beginner trying to get his or her ear into bird song. But at the risk of including one thrush too many in my list of favourite spring birds, I have to include this rapidly declining ‘common’ garden bird on the grounds of its eggs.

I’ll never forget the first time I peered into the neat mud-lined nest cup (the similar sized blackbird's nest is lined with fine moss or grass). Worn smooth and shaped to fit the brooding female's breast perfectly, it contained a clutch of 5 of the most dazzling eggs (28mm x 21mm). They're like lozenges of the bright blue spring sky, delicately spotted with contrasting black. Heaven in a mud cup.

Song Thrush Photo

A pair of song thrush usually raise 2-3 broods a year - occasionally 4 - between March and August."

Song Thrush I1

Nesting Timeline

It’s an early start for the Song Thrush and Mr Mavis starts defying the winter with his repetitive song phrases usually from atop a tree or roof top.
They’ve usually formed a strong pair by the end of this month.
The nest is built by the female, similar to that of the Blackbird it tends to be easily told apart by the smooth mud or dung lining, moulded to the females breast. They also decorate the nest rim. Often augmented by seed heads and other odd materials.
Most pairs will have 4-5 bright sky blue eggs under the female at some point this month. The eggs hatch a couple of weeks after incubation starts. They tend to be quite secretive.
The chicks hatch and remain in the nest, for two weeks, being brought provisions of earthworms, snails and other invertebrates by both parent birds.
The round bouncy, naive and often with shreds of chick down sticking to their heads fledglings leave the nest, usually hanging around in the vicinity of the home nest being fed by the parent birds.
As with many of the Thrush family once the chicks have fledged they slowly disperse and the parent birds, nest, lay fledge repeat until the summer ends.

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